englo-black-trans-witzhout-04 ENGAD – engaged arts directory
is dedicated to the aspect of “engaged art”, art dealing with political and social contexts, particualra collective trauma caused by totalitarianism. This plaform is associated to “A VIrtual memorial Foundation, NewM3ediaFest and other platforms in the context of The New Museum of Networked Art



Founded in 2001, ENGAD released in 2003 the 1st project, eg. Family Portrait, a collaboration between the Argentine artist Raquel Partnoy, survivor of the military dictorship in Argentina and one of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, as a co-curator and Agricola de Cologne as creator, creator and coordinator of the Internet based project realised in different project versions in sequence. In 2004, Family Portrait became part of the global networking project [R][R][F]200X—>XP, and the final version received in 2005 the prestiguous MOSAICA Award given by York University Toronto/Canada.

The second collaboration with Raquel Partnoy as a co-curator was manifesting itself on the Internet based project “Women: Memory of Repression in Argentina” – dealing with the military diczatorships in Argentina and the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo. the preparations started in 2004 and was finalized in 2007. In 2005, Agricola de Cologne was invited to present his project in Argentina – Buenos Aires (Centro Cultural Recolleta, National Library), Rosario (National University, MACRO – Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Rosario) and Santa Fe (Museum of Contemporary Art).
In 2004/2005, the project became also corporate part of the globnal networking project [R][R][F]200x—>XP.

“Remembering the Future” by Ariel Yannay Shjani (Israel) dealing the with concentration camp – Auschwitz.

Engad released the hosted exhibition project ://selfportrait – a show for Bethlehem – a show for Peace, to be presented in Palestine (Bethlehem), Poland (Szczecin), Italy (Naples) and Argentina (Rosario and Santa Fe)

Draft Title: Shoah – artist project complex and platform for interventions around the topic SHOAH (Holocaust) In the context, Agricola de Cologne released

Shoah Film Collection – an initiative for Peace addressed young artist generations to deal with the topic of Shoah via audio-visual media. As an ongoing project, SFC is meanwhile incorporating more than 80 artvideos, very unique in its kind worldwide.

SFCIP – Shoah Film Collection Interview Project
artists participating in Shoah Film Collection – were invited to answer 10 questions spotlighting the conceptual background of their audio-visual creations

Foundation of CTF – Collective Trauma Film Collections
on occasion of release of the film collection – Cambodia 1975-179 – dealing with the genocide in Cambodia

Forever! – The Ball
In 2011, Agricola de Cologne started this project dealing artistically with the worldwide most popular sport. Completed and launched online 2013.

On occasion of the international refugee crises, Agricola de Cologne initiated these three projects “://self~imaging – artists show face against Intolerance, Racism, Xenophobia and Anti-Semitism”, “Never More! Hiroshima-Fukushima” and “Refugee!”- to be launched on

1 January online and in physical space in the context of CeC- Carbnival of e-Creativity India – 26-28 Februray 2016