• Forever! The Ball


Forever – The Ball!
is a videoart compilation dealing with sport as a topic in contemporary art. While sport and expecially football (soccer) has an extraordinary relevance and popularity in the society influencing the individual life of quantitatively many people, but there is exist a certain kind of stereotype of the representation of sport in art.

The compilation selected and curated by Agricola de Cologne is viewing the phenomenon of football from different positions. Most of them transport the enthusiasm which is marking the engagement for football as a central component, concerning those who actively practise this sport and those who are just “fans”, enthusiastic amateurs, and in this way the videos transport positive message, but not solely, since also the dark of this phenomen, connected especially with football, like hooligans, the misuse of drugs and alcohol are spotlighted.

Forever! – The Ball
is a media art project created and curated in the context of VideoChannel – international curatorial platform for art & moving images by Agricola de Cologne – released by ENGAD – Engaged Art Directory

The film collection has been presented 2011 in Mexico City (Mexico), 2012 in Marrakesh (Morocco), in 2013 in India and Vilnius (Lithuania), 2014 in Riga (Latvia).