• self~imaging 2016


Some social or political developments require the solidarity from all of us, we are requested to show face against in rapidly spreading inhumanitys worldwide. We live in times when, after a period of democratic developments, not only in Europe, fundamentalist, konservative, radical and extremist ideologies try to draw the wheele of history backwards.

The present exhibition to be planned is transporting a political message (see subtitle) pointing to fundamental human and democratic, social and cultural values.

While taking a look on the world map, it becomes obvious that the majority of the world population is not able to share these values, because their living conditions do not guarantee such values, like freedom of expression, freedom of the word, freedom of movement and other human rights, it seems to be rather like that, that human rights are valid only for the privileged (not only in the Western orientated democracies), while the human rights are withheld for all the others, especially the non-privileged (this is also good for the dramatically increasing number of non-privileged in the Western countries)

It is a fact, that the “selfportrait” belongs to the most substantial artistic fomats, because reflecting and critically interpreting oneself is requiring diving deeply into the artist’s own soul.

The “selfportrait” does not only show how the artists see themselves, but also how they would like to be seen by the others. Much more than in any other kind of art format, the artists’ portraits create an “image” of themselves, their own “corporate identity”. they show face “Here I am!”

Thhe creator of this project is happy how many artist are now placing themselves conceptually into the context of this exhibition’s humanitarian message.

The exhibition is featuring digital media only – photography, digital image, video, netart, soundart and textual statements. as well as the recently launched film collections from CTF -Collective trauma DFilm Collection – Refugee, Shoah Film Collection and Never More! Hiroshima-Fukushima.

10 years ago, 2006-2007, Agricola de Cologne realised an exhibition of artists’ selfportraits in another humanitarian context in Palestine, Poland, Italy and Argentina
–> ://selfportrait – a show for Bethlehem – a show for Peace